What do we expect from a new employee?

The rule of thumb in our company is to comply with finest quality. We value our reputation as a highly proficient manufacturer, and therefore all our employees from salesroom Consultant to CEO always remember that QUALITY is not when the goods return, but the customer! Every new employee implicitly accepts terms of careful performance of his duties. This is the key term, but not the only one. We prefer to deal with people committed to success – success, both general and personal. We are glad to welcome in our friendly team diligent and innovative thinking creators of new generation upholstered furniture!

What do we offer to a new employee?

New employees from all subdivisions will certainly complete training and internship. Official employment provides employees with all social package guarantees (paid holidays and sick leaves). Corporate transport delivers employees to and from the production site. Production and office sites are equipped with comfortable professional working areas. And one of the most important things is that bright ideas and efficient suggestions of team members are always morally and financially welcomed, as well as rewarded with career path!